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Every Wednesday and Saturday, 9-10:00 AM MST, $5 Venmo, PayPal (appreciated, not required.)


4/3 Root Down to Fly

In this class we will begin from the ground up while connecting with the lower body (earth element), then work up to standing poses to lift through the central channel while creating a sense of lightness.  


4/7 Building Ardha Chandrasana

This standing pose builds confidence, clarity of mind, and poise. Called Half-Moon Pose, it reflects the equilibrium of the moon between its cycles. It is part balance pose, part hip opening, and all joyful! 


4/10 Strong in the Knees

We will create awareness around the knee joint and strengthen, stretch, and lubricate in order to build stability, flexibility, and longevity within the knees.


4/14 Building a Healthy Spine

We will bring nourishment, strength, and flexibility to the spine through flexion, extension, side-bends, and twisting poses.


4/17 Neck and Shoulder Elixir

We will focus on releasing tension in the jaw, neck, arms, wrist, and shoulder girdle through observation, and nourishing asana practice.  


4/21 Happy Hips

Tight hips are a common problem especially if you are at a desk for any length of time. Join me in this delicious well-rounded hip-opening sequence. 


4/24 Happy Hips Part 2: Leap of Faith 

We will work in the lower body to release strain in the hips, hamstrings, knees, and feet with support all the way. Working up to half Hanuman pose.  


4/28 Low Back Love 

The low back is the number one complaint of acute or chronic pain. We will begin with movement to hydrate the spine, then work with the large paired muscles of the lower back. 


Use support whenever possible: Blocks, Straps, Blanket, pillow or bolster, and sometimes a wall or chair.


About Cherie

Cherie Ebert 500CYT is a senior Prajna Yoga instructor who teaches from the heart!


Her dynamic and therapeutic teaching style illuminates Yoga through intelligent sequencing, skillful hands-on adjustments, and broad knowledge of the Yoga system. She has the unique ability to keep her finger on the pulse of every student in the room while being intuitive to their individual needs.


Cherie earned her 500-hr certification with Tias Little and in Santa Fe NM. n 2014. Trained in the art of teaching Vinyasa, Yin, restorative, pre-natal Yoga, pranayama, and meditation.  


In 2018 Cherie earned a cooking/nutrition certification with and incorporates that into her offerings. She integrates her knowledge of anatomy, alignment, Sanskrit, Ayurveda, nutrition, and the wisdom of Yoga along with a sense of lightness and exploration as a way to connect with the subtle body.


Her classes are fun, challenging, and uplifting, taking you places you never thought you could go! She is skilled in the art of teaching to all levels of ability, always taking advanced practitioners deeper into their practice and giving modifications to beginner students. 


Cherie’s passion for yoga shines through her enthusiastic and inspiring teaching style in classes, workshops, retreats, and festivals, around Colorado and beyond!!!


What Students are Saying about Cherie

"I’ve been taking Cherie’s yoga classes several times a week for the past four years. Cherie is the most knowledgeable, professional yoga teacher in the county. Cherie “brings it” to every class. She wants each one of her students to have a positive experience in class and offers lots of individual attention. Her classes are appropriate for all skill levels, from absolute beginners to experts.

Yoga can be challenging, but the rewards are great and go far beyond the physical. The more you practice, the better you will feel—body, mind, and spirit".

Sue L

Cherie is an extraordinary yoga teacher because she moves between the physical and cosmic spheres. She's a serious practitioner, with decades of immersion in yoga. She's an expert at doing the poses herself, so she models everything, along with modifications. She focuses on breathing and awareness. She gives clear instructions. Also, she is funny and happy.

As we do the physical poses, Cherie weaves in other ideas: how to visualize a pose from inside out…what the history of a pose to make a homemade the group holds us together…how the silence enfolds us. On any given day she might show an anatomy chart, read a poem, play singing bowls, or figure out a new way to get our feet on the wall. I go to class knowing I'll get a physical workout with cosmic windows. It’s lovely! 

A long time ago I told Cherie that a C+ effort in yoga class was my goal. She said, “Huh? Why wouldn’t you go for an A+?” And now Cherie is the best yoga instructor in the world! She just received a rating of A+++ from the Yoga Bureau at My House, which is me, the slacker student who recognizes greatness.

If you attend one of her classes, you will see what I mean.

Amber D.

Dearest Cherie,

"I never considered myself a “yoga person” and couldn't’ imagine the benefits of yoga until one of my friends “dragged” me to your class 3 years ago.  My friend assured me I would love you and your teachings, and she was SO RIGHT!

Your knowledge, enthusiasm, and love of yoga (not to mention your infectious laugh that I ADORE) have benefitted me in more ways than I could have ever thought or imagined!  My body, mind, and soul have all been transformed by your teachings, and I cannot thank you enough! I truly love my mat time with you (my body craves it), and I always leave your class feeling better, calmer, lighter, happier, centered than when I walked in the door.

You are a truly remarkable woman, and I am blessed to have you as my yoga teacher!"

Namaste, Kim C.


 Let's connect!!!!

303 905-2205


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