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About Cherie

Cherie Ebert 500CYT is a senior Prajna Yoga instructor who teaches from the heart!

Her dynamic and therapeutic teaching style illuminates Yoga through intelligent sequencing, skillful hands-on adjustments, and broad knowledge of the Yoga system. She has the unique ability to keep her finger on the pulse of every student in the room while being intuitive to their individual needs.


Cherie earned her 500-hr certification with Tias Little and in Santa Fe NM. n 2014. Trained in the art of teaching Vinyasa, Yin, restorative, pre-natal Yoga, pranayama, and meditation.  


In 2008, she founded The Yoga Room in Idaho Springs CO where she teaches ongoing classes, workshops, retreats, and one on one sessions.


In 2018 Cherie earned a cooking/nutrition certification with and incorporates that into her offerings. She integrates her knowledge of anatomy, alignment, Sanskrit, Ayurveda, nutrition, and the wisdom of Yoga along with a sense of lightness and exploration as a way to connect with the subtle body.


Her classes are fun, challenging, and uplifting, taking you places you never thought you could go! She is skilled in the art of teaching to all levels of ability, always taking advanced practitioners deeper into their practice and giving modifications to beginner students. 


Cherie’s passion for yoga shines through her enthusiastic and inspiring teaching style in classes, workshops, retreats, and festivals, around Colorado and beyond!!!



Every Wednesday and Saturday, 9-10:00 AM, MT

$5 minimum Venmo, PayPal, or Cash App, not required but much appreciated.





12/2 Connect with Your Inner Warrior

In Yoga, warrior poses commemorate the exploits of the warrior Virabhadra. These poses teach us to face life head-on with grace and poise. On a physical level, the warrior poses work to increase flexibility in the hips and build strength in the legs, ankles, and feet. 

Please have a block and a strap.


12/5 Flight of the Crane: Bakasana 

My teacher, Tias Little, writes, "Fishing birds are considered sacred in Japanese, Chinese, and Indian mythology celebrated for their capacity to swim in the water and to fly in the sky." We will work up to this arm balance posture named for the long-necked, long-legged waterfowl. 

Please have two blocks.


12/9 Stira Sukhum Asanam

From Patanjali's Yoga Sutra 2:46, "Asana is a steady comfortable posture." Let's release the physical and mental toxins that create stiffness and tension so that we develop comfort and ease in our practice. 

Please have a block, strap, and blanket.


12/12 Focus on Your Feet

The feet are our foundation, part of the root chakra, and the first focus when starting a Yoga practice. We will release constriction, open the plantar fascia, and develop a "good leg to stand on." 

Please have a block, blanket, and wall.


12/16 Open Lungs, Heart will Follow

The heart and lungs work together to make sure the body has the oxygen-rich blood it needs to function properly. We will gently open this area through supported backbends and pranayama (breath work.) 

Chair (if available), Block, and blanket.


12/19 Transitions: In Preparation for Winter Solstice 

The December solstice happens at the same instance for everyone, everywhere on earth (just an interesting fact!) 

Let's focus on the transitions from one pose to another, an area of our practice that is often overlooked.

Please have a strap and a block.


12/23 Kidney Tonic; Part 1

In Chinese medicine, the kidneys are the organ of vitality. Their position in the mid-trunk suggests their central role in governing the body's physical health and longevity. We will work with their fluid nature to tone, support, and nourish these vital organs.

All props on deck.


12/26 Kidney Tonic; Part 2

We will continue the work with the kidneys while adding support for the firey adrenals. We will seek to regulate the effects of fire and fluidity. 

All props on deck.    


12/30 Fascia: The Internet of the Body

Connective tissue gives the body its malleable and fluid nature, allowing mobility without friction. In this blissful practice, we will use the breath along with longer holds in poses to create space and release the fascia. Please have a blanket.  




Restor Childs Pose b&w.jpg

Restorative Yoga Retreat 

Sunday, December 13, 10-12:00 PM, Zoom


In this beautifully sequenced workshop, we will intertwine the slow, steady, surrendering quality of the restorative poses with poetry, metaphor, and sound. The results can be profoundly rejuvenating and nourishing not only for the physical body but emotionally as well. All levels of ability are welcome.


Preregistration is required. Click the link below or call (303) 567-4822.

What Students are Saying

"I’ve been taking Cherie’s yoga classes several times a week for the past four years. Cherie is the most knowledgeable, professional yoga teacher in the county. Cherie “brings it” to every class. She wants each one of her students to have a positive experience in class and offers lots of individual attention. Her classes are appropriate for all skill levels, from absolute beginners to experts.

Yoga can be challenging, but the rewards are great and go far beyond the physical. The more you practice, the better you will feel—body, mind, and spirit".

Sue L

Dearest Cherie,

"I never considered myself a “yoga person” and couldn't’ imagine the benefits of yoga until one of my friends “dragged” me to your class 3 years ago.  My friend assured me I would love you and your teachings, and she was SO RIGHT!

Your knowledge, enthusiasm, and love of yoga (not to mention your infectious laugh that I ADORE) have benefitted me in more ways than I could have ever thought or imagined!  My body, mind, and soul have all been transformed by your teachings, and I cannot thank you enough! I truly love my mat time with you (my body craves it), and I always leave your class feeling better, calmer, lighter, happier, centered than when I walked in the door.

You are a truly remarkable woman, and I am blessed to have you as my yoga teacher!"

Namaste, Kim C.


Offering Zoom Classes 

Every Saturday and Wednesday all-levels, alignment-based vinyasa  

9:00-10:00 AM

  $5 Donation appreciated but not required  ~Venmo or PayPal~




 Let's connect!!!!

303 905-2205


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