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  •  Tropical Mexico Healing Yoga and Wellness Retreat
    Sun, Nov 07
    Grand Isla Navidad Resort
    Enjoy a variety of practices such as morning vinyasa and evening restorative Yoga, wellness talks and replenish with healthy and delicious food, free time to hang by the pool or explore the quaint town of Barra De Navidad.


Every Wednesday and Saturday, 9-10:00 AM MST, All-levels, $5 donation, Venmo, PayPal 

In-person classes weather permitting 

Saturday 6/5, 6/12, Wednesday 6/23

  • These classes will be on Zoom as usual $5, 9-10:00 AM.

  • In-person experience by donation ($15 value), 9-10:15 AM yoga class (15 extra minutes for yummy restorative poses), mats, and props available for use.

  • Post-class snacks and socializing


6/2 Comfortable in Your Skin 

The skin is the boundary of the self, the organ of perception, our tactile capacity. B.K.S. Iyengar talked about stretching the "skin suit." There are many reasons our skin can become constricted or contracted. In this practice, we will focus on softening and releasing that constriction.


6/5 Radiant Flow (In-person and on Zoom)

Let's connect breath and movement in this gentle vinyasa practice as we smoothly transition between asanas. 


6/9 Dance Between Twists and Backbends

Twisting poses can help relieve back pain, aid in digestion, and are grounding. Backbends are invigorating, stretch the quads, hip flexors and help open the shoulders. Join me in the dance between these asanas. 


6/12 Slow Flow (In-person and on Zoom)

"Deeply grounded movement is the new Power Yoga!" ~ C. E. Join me as we apply advanced awareness to your practice to find the safest, most sustainable option in every pose.


6/16 Don't Let Your Camel Be Grumpy 

Ustrasana pose (camel) can help build confidence, relieve lower back pain, and counteract slouching. We will safely build up to this non-grumpy backbend.


6/19 Unlock Your Hamstrings and Hip Flexors

We will start with a PowerPoint of the muscles of the hips and hamstrings so you may visualize these deep muscles opening safely. We will send the merits of our yoga practice out to all who have been enslaved in the U.S. in honor of Juneteenth (Freedom Day)!  


6/23 Summer Pitta Nourishment (In-person and on Zoom)

Pitta dosha is a combination of fire and water elements and can be responsible for transformation. We will bring in opposite qualities to balance this Pitta season.

6/26 Extend and Expand

If the stretch is even, throughout the whole body, there is no strain, there is exertion but this exertion is exhilaration, then a state of elation is felt within.


6/30 Spreading the Banks of the River

Stretch and release your waste, ribs, and side-trunk through side-bending poses. If the torso is a river, we aim to create space and slow down the sometimes torrential flow.


Use support whenever possible: blocks, straps, blanket, pillow, bolster, and sometimes a wall or chair.

Cherie ready for yoga.HEIC

About Cherie

Cherie Ebert 500CYT

Yoga has been a central part of my life, along with my family, Dan, and Marlee, for over 20 years. I am continually discovering new ways to teach the ancient yoga traditions in a relatable way for the modern Yogi. I always teach from my heart so that I may help students of all levels of ability find that deep connection to themselves- that is the magic of yoga, after all!


I live in the beautiful mountains of Colorado, and I am always inspired by the rhythms of nature and teach accordingly, incorporating tidbits of Ayurveda, anatomy, meditation, yoga philosophy, alignment, pranayama, poetry, and sound therapy. 


In 2007 I was fortunate enough to have found my yoga teachers Tias and Surya Little, and their school www.prajnayoga.com. I continually train with them as a perpetual student and have assisted them many times. I have various teaching experiences such as Yoga Festivals: Yoga Journal conferences, Sedona Yoga Festival, Rapid-grass Bluegrass Festival, Earth Day.org, Mexico, several schools, corporate VRBO groups, and many Colorado Yoga studios.

I hope to see you in one of my classes, workshops, or retreats soon, where we can explore the depth of this ancient practice together.


What Students are Saying about Cherie

"I’ve been taking Cherie’s yoga classes several times a week for the past four years. Cherie is the most knowledgeable, professional yoga teacher in the county. Cherie “brings it” to every class. She wants each one of her students to have a positive experience in class and offers lots of individual attention. Her classes are appropriate for all skill levels, from absolute beginners to experts.


Yoga can be challenging, but the rewards are great and go far beyond the physical. The more you practice, the better you will feel—body, mind, and spirit".

Sue L

Cherie's Retreats

"I have attended many of Cherie's retreats over the years. They are always extremely well-themed and planned. Each workshop is thoughtfully and beautifully executed! The practice is perfect for any level, and I highly recommend her workshops and retreats to anyone getting away for a day or more!"

Steffi B

Cherie is an extraordinary yoga teacher because she moves between the physical and contemplative spheres. She's a serious practitioner, with decades of immersion in yoga. She's an expert at doing the poses herself, so she models everything, along with modifications. She focuses on breathing and awareness. She gives clear instructions. Also, she is funny and happy.


As we do the physical poses, Cherie weaves in other ideas: how to visualize a pose from inside out…what the history of a pose is...how to make a homemade bolster...how the group holds us together…how the silence enfolds us. On any given day she might show an anatomy chart, read a poem, play singing bowls, or figure out a new way to get our feet on the wall. I go to class knowing I'll get a physical workout with contemplative windows. It’s lovely! 


Cherie is the best yoga instructor in the world! She just received a rating of A+++ from the Yoga Bureau at My House, which is me, the slacker student who recognizes greatness.

If you attend one of her classes, you will see what I mean.


Amber D.

Dearest Cherie,


"I never considered myself a “yoga person” and couldn't’ imagine the benefits of yoga until one of my friends “dragged” me to your class 3 years ago.  My friend assured me I would love you and your teachings, and she was SO RIGHT!

Your knowledge, enthusiasm, and love of yoga (not to mention your infectious laugh that I ADORE) have benefitted me in more ways than I could have ever thought or imagined! 


My body, mind, and soul have all been transformed by your teachings, and I cannot thank you enough! I truly love my mat time with you (my body craves it), and I always leave your class feeling better, calmer, lighter, happier, centered than when I walked in the door.

You are a truly remarkable woman, and I am blessed to have you as my yoga teacher!"


Namaste, Kim C.

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